Inspired by nature
made by science

The Biogenique label ensures that only the highest levels of quality and purity are employed at every stage of production - from raw material selection to final distribution. Biogenique products are pharmaceutically tested and clinically verified by careful examination at every stage of production.

However, in addition to compliance with the highest international standards, Biogenique's scientific research and development team employ a series of procedures that ensure that Biogenique continuously strives to adhere to the highest standards possible.

1SAO Technology

Structurally Active Orthomolecular (SAO) Technology refers to the treatment and prevention of disease by the expert adjustment of the natural chemical constituents of our bodies. It places its reliance on these agents in preference to chemicals and drugs which are foreign to healthy metabolism..

2PurViva Technology

When an atom or group of atoms is noted to have at least one unpaired electron in its structure, it becomes highly unstable and highly reactive. These atoms are known as Free Radicals. When in the body, Free Radicals stabilize by reacting with the nuclei of cells inside the human body..


At Biogenique we specifically stick to environment and animal friendly production methodologies in the creation of our final products.

Veggie Caps

Veggie Caps are capsules made from HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcell..

4Optimal Nutrient Absorption

The Three Ways We Maximize Bodily Absorption


We avoid the problem of absorption failure initially by selecting our ingredients on the basis of their structural activity relationship..