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We believe that supplements can be a support and prevent certain deficiencies. Inspired by nature, we have developed a line of supplements to meet everyone's daily needs

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Immune support

The result of constant R&D

Biogenique is the result of the observation that due to our fast paced lifestyles, having a varied and balanced diet can be complicated. Inspired by nature, we use our knowledge to make supplements more accessible. We formulate and manufacture our supplements in Montreal, Canada, according to the strictest standards

Listening to the world around us we are always looking to improve and expand our line of supplements to meet all your potential needs

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Robust +
Vitamin D3
Vitamin A
Osteo +
Vitamin K2 + D3
Immuno Z
Zinc 10
Immuno C
Vitamin C


The GMP requirements are ongoing measures designed to ensure an effective overall approach to product quality control and risk management. They do this by setting appropriate standards and practices for the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storing, and importing of NHPs (Natural Health Product)


Within GMP, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) is recognized as a necessary element in ensuring the overall quality and consistency of marketed drug products.

SAO Technology

Structurally Active Orthomolecular (SAO) Technology refers to the treatment and prevention of disease by the expert adjustment of the natural chemical constituents of our bodies.

PurViva Technology

When an atom or group of atoms is noted to have at least one unpaired electron in its structure, it becomes highly unstable and highly reactive. These atoms are known as Free Radicals.
Bone health essential
Bones & teeth
Immune health essential
Immune support boost
Wellness essential
Mental and well-being
Beauty essential
Energy essential
Immune support boost

Our application

We believe that each person is different and that we have different needs. To better understand how supplements can help you and for an even more personalized experience, you can try our totally free application right now