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Digestion & lactose intolerance
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Alpha-Amylase 100 mg (10 000 FCC Alpha Amylase Dextrinizing Units), Papain 50 mg (900 000 FCC Papain Units), Lipase 5 mg(100 FCC LU), Cellulase 5 mg (400 FCC CU), Lactase 30 mg (3000.0 FCC ALU), Stem Bromelain 16.67 mg(500 000 FCC Papain Units), Invertase 20 mg (200.0 FCC SU)

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The description will be available soon

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At Biogenique we are dedicated to providing superior quality supplements. We choose clean, safe, and proven ingredients in our formulations, avoiding GMOs, common allergens, and harmful additives. Our supplements are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility and have undergone tests for heavy metals, microbes, and stability.
Our vegetarian capsules with Hypromellose and Purified Water have been formulated by our experts for better absorption and easier digestion.

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